Grigor Devejiev

Grigor Devejiev

I work in the Fashion and Photography industry for more than 15 Years as a  creative director, film director, editor and fashion photographer. 

With Sofia Tchkonia  I created a unique visual aesthetic for the Tbilisi fashion scene, which is also relevant globally. I am responsible for the majority of visual content for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi. 

I had a chance to manage a team with different professional levels, develop myself , them , and gain experience in leadership and management.  Creating visual daily operation tasks, creating goals, creating projects, timelines and doing the best for my work are key components, which I can describe as my biggest achievement during these years. 

I often mix visual genres using documentary  in fashion. My preferred method is casting people of the most diverse ages, appearances and social backgrounds for my projects.

In 2019, I founded the creative agency JAM PROJECT. This is a group of young artists with whom we are creating a new visual language. Our goal is to create a new direction of communication through the synthesis of different visual genres and aesthetics. I see the importance of changing the outdated way of communication language with the audience in the fashion industry.