If you ask me or any member of our team what inspires and gives us strength, the answer will be – our Victory. Now all thoughts are only about it. It gives us the power not to give up. Everyone does everything possible in their places to help in our fight.

This collection was created by brave girls in Ukraine in Dnipro city under the sounds of air raid sirens and sometimes rockets.

This collection is almost entirely black because this is how we feel inside now.

Among the black items, single bright drops of colours appear – purple, red, fuchsia, emerald. These are the colors of our Hope. For me, it’s about the fight of good over evil, light over darkness.

We shot the new lookbook in Warsaw, but it was extremely important to me that the team was Ukrainian. That’s how we got together – resilient Ukrainian women who, by the will of fate, have met far away from their home.

The new collection embodies NADYA DZYAK DNA: pleated, geometrically laid out, transparent frills and voluminous flowers. There are always many different textures in our collections, but I especially prefer transparent organza paired with thicker fabrics. It reminds me of a play of contradictions – light and dark. I love the deformation of fabrics – pleats and patterns made of canvas, as if I were drawing with them.

In the new collection, we made voluminous, hand-quilted, warm bomber jackets decorated with 3D flowers. We also worked for the first time with a new material for us – denim. We have developed CUT OUT jeans together with stylists Sofia Horobets and Anastasia Oliynyk and complemented them with a denim corset top with a voluminous flower.

The collection features a lot of knitwear. The asymmetrical bodysuits with pleated details are combined with unexpectedly asymmetrically CUT OUT pants. Another quirky combination is crop bustier-tops with signature transparent frills and weightless as if they were created from air gloves.

Of course, the collection also includes reinterpreted classic transparent bestsellers in black, red and beige colours.

The new collection was presented in March in Paris at the VETEMAZE showroom, organized by the Ukrainian team.

I am writing this press release and listening to the speech of our President Volodymyr Zelensky in the British Parliament, having the feeling that my wings are growing – wings of faith in our Victory. We will work, live, create new collections, sew beautiful dresses, as each in its place does everything for our Victory and always remembers his most important words:

‘Life Will Win Over Death. Light Will Win Over Darkness’

NADYA DZYAK is a Ukrainian clothing brand founded in 2008, known for its combination of architectural forms with feminine aesthetics, as well as its transparent elements, which brought the brand international popularity and recognition.

Each NADYA DZYAK collection has unique features, but all of them are united by the brand’s commitment to pleated details, translucent fabrics and multi-layered decors.

Traditionally, the brand pays special attention to the artisanal technique of hand-laying pleated details and frills that reflect NADYA DZYAK DNA.

The main design element of the brand’s elegant iconic products is the skilful use of translucent fabrics that create optical illusions and the effect of weightlessness.

The NADYA DZYAK brand is appreciated by world-famous stars and influencers, such as Kylie Minogue, Caroline Issa, Eleonora Carisi, Doina Ciobanu, Young Emperors, Emma Fuhrmann, Kelly Rowland.

NADYA DZYAK dresses regularly appear on the pages of the world’s most popular magazines: Vogue, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar etc.

photographer: Ganna Goncharova
model: Yulia Volkova (Selective Management)
styling: Sofiia Horobets, Anastasiia Oliinyk
make-up & hair: Kate Ukhova