How Much Does it Cost to Build a Restaurant app?

According to GrubHub, placing an order by phone takes around two minutes. I am an Entrepreneur and a Tech Geek with more than 1500 successful food delivery app builder projects launched. I share my experience through my love for writing and help other entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

Main features of a restaurant app

One way or the other, people will need to book restaurant venues for business meetings, friendly chats, family reunions, romantic dates, birthdays, or other events. A table booking app could help them do it in a convenient and classy manner. And, while there is no surefire way to build a successful product, you should still take into account some crucial steps if you don’t want your time and money go to waste. Can allow you to place an order at a restaurant using a mobile app and have it delivered straight to your house. This represents an opportunity for restaurant owners to capitalize on the growing demand for a better, digitized dining experience.

Must-Have Features in a Restaurant App in 2022 and Beyond

Create a basic home screen that lists the available options, such as the menu and order now buttons. Doing so reminds the customer to purchase the extra items they may have forgotten or would not have bought otherwise. For example, if a user clicks on a specific product, you can suggest combinations that go with the item. In both cases, some training would be required for your staff to understand how the software works and to have no troubles operating it. Third-party integrations (e.g. the ability to request an Uber without leaving the app as soon as an order is paid for). Company overviewLearn who we are and what makes us a reliable technology partner for your next digital move.

So, the third consideration is ‘easy menu setup.’ Menu configuration in a restaurant has to be simple and easy. No one wants the terminal or server to reboot when you want to make minor changes. When the sales data is intact, you have the power to make the right decisions and smart choices. For example, you can make changes in your menu when you know which has been the best and worst selling item.

Main features of a restaurant app

This helps cut down customer frustration that undoubtedly arise from long waits to get a table and gives them the opportunity to perfectly plan their evening. It’s obvious after developing an app you want everyone to notice it. Moreover, that would be only possible if your app is accessible on different platforms (App Store & Play Store). The ability to pay for their orders beforehand takes customer convenience one step ahead. Sending an alert in the middle of the night is never a good idea. With this features a chef can channelize their effort in such a way that it produces a maximum result with minimum errors.

Accordingly, a similar page can also be used to offer promotional or discount code utilization. From 2018 to 2020, the on-demand food delivery industry experienced extraordinary growth, with a CAGR of over 14%. In addition to reading and writing about new technologies, he enjoys exploring the possibilities of HTML, CSS, and Python. In his free time, you’ll find him immersed in photography and exploring new cities. Understand the needs of local restaurants and how your app can contribute to solving them. This means approaching restaurant owners and speaking with them.

It is used by the main meal delivery applications to provide the most outstanding client experience. Accordingly, Google Maps, MapKit, and Waze’s Navigation are just a few of the fantastic APIs for this functionality. Now that you’ve made the wise decision to create a restaurant meal ordering app, the following step is to decide what features to include. In 2015, the total income generated by a mobile app for the restaurant industry was $160 million. If you are looking for inspiration or you’re building an application and need help with a particular feature, then you may find your answer in some of these templates.

Best Restaurant Apps That You Need to Download Today in 2023

This food delivery restaurant management system comes with a user app, website, and delivery app. You can manage the whole system through the admin panel, where you can see detailed reports and analytics. Besides the necessary features of food delivery app, there here are a few additional features you can include in your admin app. In case you are running an aggregator model, which lists different restaurants for the users to order from, you need this feature. To integrate this feature, talk to your food delivery app development company.

  • If you are unsure which features to include, an experienced app design and development team can determine the right mix of features for your specific business.
  • An experienced studio has a lot of experience developing similar projects and can offer a higher-quality product.
  • UX design – this stage involves the work on sketches and UX wireframes.
  • Digital transformation, and the restaurant industry is no exception.
  • The delivery person can update the status of the delivery with this feature.
  • Suppose you ordered a pizza from Scarr’s that you enjoyed a lot.

That is why it is important to choose the right niche and business model for your product. Depending on your business objectives, market specifics, and audience preferences, you should identify the app type that can bring the most value. We’ve laid out the 12 must-have features for your restaurant or food delivery apps through this blog to help you thrive your food business. Owning a physical restaurant is not necessary to operate your restaurant delivery app. There are ample apps to cater a customer’s restaurant needs, ranging from directory type apps to on-demand food delivery apps.

Accounts & Management

As the online food business is a growing large market, it’s important to implement compelling functionalities to sustain and meet the needs of modern-day users. The restaurant mobile app development process consists of different stages. You start app development with market research, identify your business goals, and choose an app development company.

Main features of a restaurant app

Somefood ordering systems have the option of deducting items from the inventory when the product is sold. For instance, if a steak dinner is sold, the app should subtract the steak from inventory. Keep in mind that push notifications can make or break your app. According to Noah Weiss, the head of Slack’s Search, Learning and Intelligence team, a great push notification is timely, personal, and actionable.

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With this feature, the delivery people can see if they have any order requests or not, and they can also accept and reject new requests from here. The user needs to complete the registration and verification process with proper details. Once they are verified, they can start receiving orders and delivering them. With this feature, the user can easily track their order and what is its status. This is also going to make them less annoyed during the waiting.

With almost 3 years of work experience, she specializes in Social Media Marketing and Content Management. This, not also saves a lot of time but also gives access to all the operations. You can then proactively address the issues that are becoming obstacles in the path of your business growth.

A quick order feature can help your customer add their favorite food items or previously ordered dishes directly to the cart and place a quick order. Similarly, a mobile food delivery app for restaurants can offer an order scheduling feature that allows customers to schedule an order for a specific time. This feature assists users in placing multiple orders at the same time. All the core features of mobile food ordering apps described above are designed to serve customers and businesses simultaneously.

Kitchen management

After the order is placed, it’s a matter of waiting, but there is no need to make the wait unbearable for the users. This is an absolutely important part of the business and delivery person. Although not a restaurant app, Acorns is a great app that you must check out especially if you use your debit card a lot when eating out.

Registration & Profile Management

Popular food ordering and delivery app Grubhub uses QR codes to let users quickly pay for their orders. The users should be able to explore and discover what they need effectively. If the UI takes time to load, the user experience will be affected.

Essential features for restaurant app

With online bookings, customers can reserve tables without calling while your staff can have a real-time estimate of how many guests they’ll have. This allows you to distribute staff, assess your workload, and complete meal prep accordingly. You’ll also have insight into rush hours and off-peak hours, allowing you to send out promotions to fill your restaurant in otherwise quieter periods. Brand awareness is an essential component of any marketing strategy. Let’s take a moment to review what benefits a mobile app can offer your restaurant. From the admin app, the restaurants registered should be able to manage and edit the payment and financial accounts.

Statistics on Online Ordering and Delivery

A bonus program for regular clients keeps patrons returning to receive bonuses and discounts for each order. Restaurant regulars can redeem rewards for food, drinks, and other perks.

A consumer facing mobile app is not the only way to improve your sales. Send notifications about new promotions, special offers, and other important events, helping to keep guests and increase brand loyalty. This helps improve the quality of service and attract new guests. The feedback moderation feature will prevent offensive comments and fake feedback from being published.